About the Bayers

Meet the Bayers


The Chaos Coordinator

Jen is the ultimate boy mom who loves Jesus, her family and her country. She has a wild and fierce love for traveling, adventure and thrill-seeking activities. She owns more than one Avengers AND Star Wars t-shirt (boy-mom proof), loves to laugh and be goofy, but sometimes needs to be reminded not to take things too seriously. She is always up for anything outdoors and is the visionary of the family.

  • Goal is to visit all seven continents
  • Top strength is futuristic
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Prefers the term leadership skills, rather than bossy
  • Biggest pet peeve: When family members don’t put their stuff away. Which is pretty much always.
  • Super Power: Gets all four members of the family showered, dressed and to church on time every Sunday… most Sundays


The Oldest Child

Meet Aaron! He is a professional at having fun and getting the most joy out of life. His humor and charisma have him loved by many. Organization and efficiency are not his thing. He once bought a Jeep for himself (the family) and then tried to pass it off as his wife’s birthday present. He’s a lover of all sports and is unfortunately a Vikings fan. For those that don’t know, the Vikings are totally awesome… until it really matters. #YearlyHeartbreak

  • Makes the world’s best breakfast
  • Entrepreneur to the core
  • Loves the outdoors and chicken wings
  • The most amazing teacher and coach
  • One time he stopped a hockey puck with his collar bone
  • Is afraid of heights
  • Homeschools the kids, and loves coaching any sport they will let him
  • Will have an entire room full of people laughing when he is telling stories, especially if he is talking about his student teaching days.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When the kids don’t keep the Legos together like the directions say
  • Super Power: Forever email typer. When Aaron says, “One minute, let me finish this email” what he really means is, “Go on without me, I’ll be done in three hours.”


The Artistic Creator

We may be biased, but Nolan is the most talented kid in the universe. He is a thinker, reader and creator. He is the best cleaner and organizer and probably the most responsible member of our family. Everyone around him is excited to see how Jesus uses his big-servant heart to change the world. As the oldest, he’s always willing to lend a helping hand and takes after his mom’s passion for thrill-seeking adventures.

  • Loves to write and read graphic novels
  • Would play video games 24/7 if mom and dad would let him
  • Loves cliff jumping and zip lining with his mom
  • Usually gets things done before being asked
  • Wants his own YouTube channel. (Mom and Dad are still getting used to this idea)
  • Super Power: Super Friend. Nolan loves people and people love Nolan. He’s smart, funny, confident and has a huge heart. He’s great at making new friends and always wants everyone to feel included.


The Blue-eyed Spitfire Ninja

As the youngest, Austin is our sweet soul and often in his own little world. Sometimes shy at first, but once he starts talking he never stops. At any given moment you can find him in full-on-attack fighting imaginary bad guys. He once stole an ice pack out of the freezer, hid and proceeded to eat the entire thing because he thought it was a freeze pop. He is also published in the Guinness Book of World records for giving his mother heart attacks. See previous sentence for examples.

  • Gives the most genuine hugs
  • Loves to draw and inherited his dad’s gift at telling stories
  • PhD in the art of manipulation
  • LOVES music and sings all the time
  • Exudes pure joy in everything he does, and constantly has us all laughing
  • Super Power: Super Tough! When he was six, he crashed his bike racing his brother. His eyes watered, but he never cried. He did however marvel at how cool his road rash looked.

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